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Our product launch platform is the first innovation engine of it’s kind.


“iKooru is to business like spellcheck is to spelling. You just have to start and iKooru will spell out the rest.” When you use our product launch platform we help you innovate, collaborate, build, test, and deploy faster, while lowering or mitigating risks to help you make informed decisions in the coming innovation economy.

We have ONE MISSION. Create the blueprint to economically free the world through equitable access to the global marketplace by removing traditional barriers to innovation, business education, language, access to investment with global micro-finance, and safe storage of funds.

iKooru enables innovators around the world to make their visions a reality.

iKooru is an innovation engine that promotes creating a business by design. We help entrepreneurs and innovators discover new solutions to problems by helping them identify and analyze opportunity. We then guide the entrepreneur through finding product market fit and bringing their solution to the world.

Why Did We Create An Innovation Engine?

“Today the forces of disruption, globalization, and regulation are buffeting the economies of every country. Established industries are rapidly shedding jobs, many of which will never return. Employment growth in the 21st century will have to come from new ventures, so we all have a vested interest in fostering an environment that helps them succeed, grow, and hire more workers. The creation of an innovation economy that’s driven by the rapid expansion of start-ups has never been more imperative.” – Steve Blank

Opportunity Analysis
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iKooru is leading the charge to create the next major step in the innovation economy by decreasing development cycles, the risk of innovating, costs of getting customers, and strategically bringing ideas into business models that provide excess value. With iKooru, you test until you succeed you do not fail. All you have to do is learn, measure, and improve.

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. – Robert H. Schiuller

  • Following Proven Principles.
  • Create Exciting New Partnerships.
  • Build a Company
  • While Launching a Product.
  • Prove your Product and Raise Money to Scale Your Idea.
  • iKooru Product Launch Platform: Turn Your Ideas into Companies Fast!

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