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New Product Development Process Checklist That's Proven To Be A Cut Above!

New Product Development

If you want to cut through the noise and succeed faster in new product development HEED this advice.

I am confident fewer people would fail if they just did this one thing…

As you go through this new product development checklist it is super important you understand one thing.

Your values… 

Yeah really, what’s important to you. What’s your truth. If you don’t have clarity on this you are more than likely building your product for the wrong reasons.

This will cause you to not provide the quality of service you could and make working don’t the product more agony than having a blast solving problems

Take a free Meyers Briggs test and look up values for your type.

For example, I am an ENTP I value innovation, competence, and truth. That’s why I have devoted a large portion of my life to iKooru. I LOVE IT. I love serving you and helping you innovate.

Innovate is the keyword. Innovation is an invention in action. It’s bringing a product to market and innovating to find the perfect product-market fit. But if your not serving the right market for you, chances are you will take mediocre action and get mediocre results.

Skip this step at your own risk.

Dr. Demartini has been in personal development since 1972 and is decamillionare… So if you don’t believe me maybe you will believe him.

Products solve problems.

Why does this product exist? All products that are purchased are purchased because the customer needs to solve a problem, not because they actually want your product. 

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” – Harvard Business School, Professor Theodore Levitt

 You see it’s about the mission to solve a problem better. 

You must know your mission, so you know who you serve. The issue I’ve run into myself when selling products trying to serve everyone and end up serving no one. 

If you are a new entrepreneur it’s easy to over-promise to too many people, and then underdeliver because it’s just too much. This way it’s arguably more important to know who you don’t serve.

A common trap people run into is they are focused too much on the money, and not enough on delivering a good product for years. This usually happens because people do not understand their values so they are adopting cultural ones… Again understand your values. Here is a quick video on values you can watch

He has a value assessment you can take here