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The 5 Step Product Launch Checklist

Product Launch Checklist

This post explains everything you need to know about using the iKooru 5 Step Product Launch Checklist. You’ll learn what it is – why it’s important to use this checklist specifically for your product launch, while adding it to a business model, and helping you mitigate risk.

When you log into your FREE account just click innovate and you will start the process using our 5 step product launch checklist, and you will not only get a breakdown of the what to do next checklist but also:

  • How to do  predictably launch over and over
  • How to ensure your idea sells
  • And the key performance indicators that you must watch

We have put together and utilized the minds of over 500 experts, and you get to use our work for free. 

If you want to see clearly what you have done and what you still have to do, then this product launch checklist is for you… If you don’t have a plan and are struggling with what to do next, you can join iKooru and create your go to market strategy 

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Want A Proven Checklist To Launch Your Next Product With?

This checklist will work for anyone and empower you with the information you need to go from envisioning your launch to reaching your projections.

This is the perfect tool for visionaries who want to work from proven principles. It’s perfect for those looking to execute on ideas and not have to spend time trying to figure out what to do next.

Product Launch Checklist: Pre-launch Preparation

Product Launch ChecklistDiscovery: During this stage, you have uncovered opportunities that are worth pursuing based on performance indicators like competition, market size, market growth etc.

Testing: Verify your assumptions by creating and testing prototypes. Test offers and evaluate growth opportunities based on feedback

Planning: Create customer avatars and customer journeys and use lean methodologies to get your product in your customer’s hands as fast as possible.

Funding: Once you have proven your product and have a plan funding becomes a lot easier.  Once you have reached this stage you can submit your company for funding and be invited to present your business.

You start from the beginning following proven principles if you want to launch a product.

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