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Go From
Zero to $1,000,000

Join The 1st AI-Powered Online Startup Incubator Community! Remove the fear of failure, identify risks, build viable business models, get traction, find team members, raise capital, and much more!

Startup community

Place Small Bets Until You Find What Sticks. Make It Easier and Faster To Get Traction And Launch Your Tech Startup!

Don’t spend years failing. Start executing with precision instantly by using Roo your AI digital product manager. Find the right solution, for the right market, with the right business model, and execute your startup at the right operational cadence.

Like Minded Community

Get feedback during your innovation adoption cycle, co-create, network, start your own groups, and forums.

Build For Success!

Time isn’t the main factor holding you back from creating a successful tech startup. It’s execution of the right operational cadence.  

Launch Useful S

Our mission is to help you launch as many incredibly useful products and services that people love to use as possible. 

Product Management driven by artificial intelligence

Lower Risk And Lower Cost!

No more guessing! Why risk guessing when you can know exactly what to do next.

Avoid wasting time on ideas that won’t work and discover new areas of value creation.

Use statistical models that when completed will give your startup a 90% chance of getting successful traction.

benefits of using iKooru with a team

Easily Co-Create And Leverage the Experience and Skills of Your Team!

Get your team aligned on common ground while co-creating, designing, testing, and delivering what customers want.

By joining you also get access to tools your team can use for competitive analysis and building effective go-to-market strategies for traditional startups and tech startups.

Business Incubator Community Features

Make Friends And Enjoy The Journey!

Who said starting a startup had to be lonely?

It doesn’t…

Want some feedback? We got you! Not sure what to do next? We got you! Want to know some tactics you can implement within your strategy? We got you!
invention generator

Startup Incubator funding

We Will Help You Raise Money!

Using iKooru not only allows you to easily show progress to investors, but we will also help you find new prospective investors.

By helping you build a viable business model and gather evidence of market traction we are putting you in the driver’s seat at any negotiating table.

Community For Startups

Execute With Clarity And Speed

“A startup is a temporary organization in search of a business model.” – Steve Blank, Father Of The Lean Startup Movement 

Test your ideas fast, find product market fit, and go from tech startup to tech company fast. 

Startup Community

Be a part of a community that wants the best for you, get feedback, guidance, and much more!

Token Reward System

 Coming Soon!

Friendly Forums

Easy to navigate and post forums! Create your own discussions group and find co-founders!

Product Portfolio Management

Startups build products people want. Products are not startups. Manage unlimited products.

Work After Work

There is no excuses with ikooru. You can easily build your startup in your spare time!

Private Masterminds

You can easily create a private group and charge for people to join your mastermind!

Online Startup accelerator

Asked Questions

Do we take equity? No, not to join iKooru.

We do not take equity unless we raise your round of funding. Which is around 1% with a single-digit fee on total capital raised.

Does the incubator cost money? Yes, the community membership starts with 7.95 trial, then after 5 days. If you decide to stay with us your first membership of $37.00 will be due.

If you have any further questions, send us an email to office@

You can click the Create My Account button in the upper right. Or you can click here.

No we do not allow solicitation of any kind. Spammers get the boot. 

We have paid levels, but you can enjoy many benefits of our startup community 100% Free

Absolutely. When starting businesses with a friend you can count on, it can really help get more done in less time!

Tokens are for you! iKooru’s founder tokens is a separate non-profit entity built to help accelerate startups. 

You sure can. You can make your own groups and charge monthly fees! Keep your group private and make it valuable for everyone.

Startup Incubator

Tech Startup Incubator With
AI-Powered Acceleration.

The Future is here. Everyday iKooru’s startup incubator works towards eliminating failure!

AI Startup Accelerator

Customer Centric Digital Product Management

Customer Centric Guidance
Proactive, customised, and tailored AI generated based on consumer insights and social listening.
Spend Smarter, Not More
iKooru helps you generate the most value and accelerate product development then validates your ideas with up to 90% Statistical odds of success.
Spend Smarter, Not More
We combine these two superpowers to provide you with a backbone for both qualitative and quantitative digital product development.